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Concrete & Bridge Corp

Our concrete finishing crew with 50 years of combined experience takes pride in the work that is provided for our customers. For our jobs, we use concrete with a minimum 32 mpa strength and add a micro fiber additive (like adding vanadium to steel) as well as rebar to maximize the longevity for our finished work.

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Concrete services include:

  • Driveway removal & installation
  • Bridge removal & installation
  • Curb removal & installation
  • Sidewalk removal & installation
  • Pool deck installation
  • Patio deck installation
  • Catch basin removal & installation

Concrete FINISHING includeS:

  • Concrete sponge finish
  • Concrete smooth finish
  • Concrete polished finish
  • Concrete stamped finish (90 different patterns)
  • Concrete exposed finish
  • Concrete colouring
  • Concrete staining
  • Concrete high and low gloss sealing
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